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A culture-obsessed streetwear brand


We had no idea at the time, but by bringing streetwear into America’s pastime in 2011 and disrupting it in a fashionable way, we were in fact molding the long-term future of our brand. While our roots are deep in baseball, we knew the next chapter of the Routine story would be more than that. Routine lives where streetwear and sport unite.






Honoring the stories and people who inspired us in and out of sports. The communities that were built out of passion for a common goal. The tales of conquer, of fun, and the icons who came before us to produce those memories. We celebrate the journey and cherish those efforts to pave the way for future generations.



Disrupting the unwritten rules of life and sport. We strive to challenge the norm, make an impact and think outside the box. Whether it’s bringing streetwear into a sport for the first time, a bat flip after a homerun, or being named the first-ever female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we love the moments in life that get head tilts and sighs from the doubters, and tears of joy from the believers.


In essence, a trademark is the heart of a company. It's a brand identifier. But as you know, we like to do things a little differently. When people say go left, we go right. We flip the script. We don’t do it to be different, but to find a better way for you.

It’s easy to lose sight of the past when you play the game this way, but not at Routine. We honor the past because, without that, we would never have a chance to disrupt the future.

Our mark is the banner we unite under on the next journey for our brand.



In the Summer of 2011, the idea to launch a clothing brand dedicated to baseball and the lifestyle surrounding it began to take shape.

Out of necessity.

We were sick of wearing boring corporate tees of our favorite MLB teams and brands that we didn't identify with. Sure we're fans of the game... but, first and foremost, we're baseball players. There was a gap in the streetwear scene that was ignoring us. Why? Because baseball is boring? Because a sport with the title of 'America's Pastime' is too old and bland? Stereotypes spewing out of the mouths of people who didn't get it.

So we stopped asking them, why? And started to ask ourselves, why not? Why can't we have our own brand? So, we took matters into our own hands and went searching to see if others felt the same way. Needless to say, the baseball community spoke loudly.

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