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07/23/2020 What to Know About the 2020 MLB Season 2020 has been far from a normal year, so Opening Day at the end of July is pretty par for the course. That being said we couldn’t be more excited to have baseball back! But this year won’t look like any season we’ve ever seen before. 20 HRs will likely lead the league, Cy Young winners may only have five or six wins, a... Read More »
12/17/2019 Who Is Winning MLB Free Agency? Here we are in the midst of the off-season, where not only do the players better themselves in preparation for the 2020 season, the teams do as well. Players hit the markets to test free agency and teams produce some blockbuster trades. Within the past two weeks, the AL West has been buzzing. Free Agent, Third-Baseman... Read More »
12/17/2019 The Deconstruction Of Minor League Baseball In recent weeks, there have been numerous reports surfacing of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s plan to reformat, restructure, and eliminate a large portion of Minor League Baseball teams. As it stands today, Minor League Baseball (MiLB) has 160 affiliated teams and the plan proposes to eliminate 42 of those teams. This ... Read More »
11/26/2019 Award SZN: Did They Get It Right? Did they get it right? After what was a sensational 2019 season it always ends with the prestigious awards given out to the very best of the best. Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP. There were some heavy debates all season on who would win and there never seemed to be a moment where anyone truly ... Read More »
11/14/2019 Sign Stealing - How Far Is Too Far? Houston…we might have a problem. The age-old line in the sand that has existed in baseball since the dawn of the sport may have been crossed on this one. Sign stealing has existed in baseball forever. Frowned upon by some – but not illegal depending on how it’s done. It’s the reason why you see a catcher flash 4 or 5 ... Read More »
11/08/2019 MLB Free Agency - Are Players Really Overpaid? It’s that time of year – when expiring contracts are shredded and new ones are freshly minted with MULTIPLE digits in the new salary. This years’ names who will likely see an increase in their bottom line include Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon and World Series MVP, Stephen Strasburg. Let’s be honest – the contracts that t... Read More »
11/06/2019 NCAA TO COMPENSATE PLAYERS This might be the best news for your collegiate athletic career.... Read More »
11/06/2019 One Last Day In The Sun I recently had the fortune to play in a baseball tournament in Fort Myers, FL. It was a spectacular experience, with my age division lasting a week. The tournament itself lasts over a month, with age divisions spanning all the way up to 70 years and older. The games are played on the spring training facilities of the T... Read More »
11/02/2019 Home Field Disadvantage? Does home field advantage really matter?... Read More »
10/02/2019 OCTOBER LIGHTS It's the time of year that anything can happen. It's the time for underdogs, for the rise of legends and the stories you will tell your children and grandchildren. The time for every fan's heart to pound out of their chest, from the national anthem until the handshakes. The regular season has its share of drama, but ... Read More »
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