Who doesn't love a good bundle?

We all love to save money! More for less might as well be the new American dream. We bundle TV packages to have 500+ channels of shows that we don't watch. We bundle car insurance with our homes, boats, bikes, dogs and pretty much everything else, to save money. Only catch to this is, all of these other bundles are as boring as a lacrosse game.

Enter Routine

They just released 10 new bundles, because who doesn't love getting the most bang for their buck? Here are a few favorites.


The Adidas X Routine collab bundle is straight 🔥! With the incredible Icon 4 trainers, the kelly green socks, the awesome Scoop t-shirt that's made for dropping batting practice bombs, oh and don't forget that rally cap! Check out that bundle here.


Next is the “Bathe in Pine Tar” bundle, which will set you up to lather in the sweet glorious and instantly nostalgic smell of pine tar, every time you step into your car. These air fresheners LAST, so you can grind through the winter, with the smell of spring baseball keeping you going. Grab the Pine Tar bundle here!


Then there is the “Weekend Fit.” This bundle features the incredible Stash Joggers, which are perfect for the gym, the field, or the streets. Add in a Turner Jersey Cut Tee, a piece that keeps it classic with the stitched home plate on the back near the collar, which everyone knows is Routine. Finally, the Raider Hat, which is my personal favorite Routine lid. It’s my travel hat, pool and beach hat, I even wore this piece of perfection to Disney (and had two people come up and tell me to “Keep It Routine”). Grab this bundle here.

No matter which bundle you pick up, you can be assured you are getting a steal. It's always good to bundle and save, Routine gives you 10 different choices, all of which will have you looking fresh, on and off the field.

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