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Way To Go, Joe

Very rarely am I enamored with a piece of clothing. I may really like a shirt, or have a favorite hat, but it takes a lot for a piece to make me fall in love with it. Then, "Sleeveless Joe" came into my life. It arrived one day, a day with little significance or meaning. Packed perfectly with the "Keep It Routine" label up, my jaw was on the floor. As I slipped into the softest hoodie I had ever put on, I realized that this was love. The color, the perfect fit, the pop of the red accents on the label and strings, and of course the cutoff short sleeves, all left me feeling like I was wrapped in my own swag-laden heaven.



I, like most guys, run pretty warm from an internal temperature standpoint, and summer in Ohio, generally is much to warm and sticky to afford any opportunities to wear a traditional hoodie. Joe, however, comes through in the clutch. Shortly after I got this magnificent hoodie, I had an outdoor concert to attend. It was a mild night, but Sleeveless Joe kept me warm (but not too warm) throughout the show. The following night, I went to a baseball game and then later my family had a bonfire. Who would I trust to keep me warm and comfortable, oh and dripping with style, but Joe? A couple of days later, after a trip through the washing machine, my team had a morning batting practice out on the field. With zero restrictions caused by long sleeves, but all the warmth and comfort Joe could provide, I had a crisp and clean BP session. Joe, can do it all.


The Sleeveless Joe hoodie is the most comfortable, and versatile hoodie I have ever owned. From the streets to the batting cages, you can take Joe anywhere. Keep it close though, this is one hoodie you won't want your girl to steal.


If you want to take Joe home for yourself, check it out here!



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