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Top 5 Baseball Podcasts

Ok, we are in 2019 where traditional radio is a thing of the past but we have gone full throttle into the podcast generation and it is a beautiful thing. So, why not post an article about the top 5 baseball podcasts according to Chris.


If you have a different top 5 or maybe there's a one you love that I don't mention please, do all of us a favor, and post it in the comment section or on the twitter post.


1- Starting 9 by Barstool Sports: Honestly, can there be a better top baseball podcast? Former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden and Blogger Jared host this fun, satirical baseball pod that isn't our traditional baseball coverage. I mean, far from it. As far from traditional as one can possibly imagine. The shows are long, the content is ever creative, and the guests showcase a different side of the game and the athletes who play. I truly think the star of the podcast is Braden. My goodness he is both brilliant and hilarious. He complains when he has to and compliments when deserved. Love the show and I believe it belongs atop the baseball podcast mountain.


2- At The Yard: A Philadelphia Phillies Broadcast: Ok, I know I'm going to hear it. 'I'm a homer' and this is a biased 'opinion.' Alright, it is. But since this is my article I'm going to provide with podcast that I believe are the best in terms of baseball coverage. From a city perspective, the Phillies have a tremendous show based on the circus that is Phillies baseball. NBC Sports Philadelphia Phillies beat writer Jim Salisbury is one of the best in the business and isn't afraid to lay some heat on the Phillies brass and players. It's honest and does not push the hometown bias.


3- Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast: I have probably been listening to this podcast for the better part of five years. Why? Because I always come out of each show learning something new about the game. It's a baseball podcast with an analytical bent and can be very serious at times and super light other times. All in all, it's an educational look into saber-metrics and it's presented in a way that will not only make you look at baseball differently but will also teach you aspects about the game of baseball you may have never thought about before. And that's cool.


4- Baseball America: I, like most baseball people, love the scouting angle of baseball. Player development is both exciting and puts us ahead of the curve. Who are the next possible studs coming out of high school and college and what team could they land on? This podcast covers the game from a player-development point of view. They also delve into majors coverage from time to time, with emphasis on prospects. I highly recommend this podcast as it'll turn you in the baseball snob you've always wanted to be.


5- FanGraphs; Like Effectively Wild, FanGraphs flies into analytics and 'money-ball' discussions in roundtable form hosted by Meg Rowley. The conversation is normally light and informative. For so long I couldn't bear listening to this show. Nonetheless, by the graces of the baseball gods, it grew on me over time. The delightful part of this show is that you'll find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of listening to past shows mainly because they're not lengthy by any means. I enjoy the baseball banter and debates more than most. So, that's why it made my top 5.


That wraps up my Top 5 Baseball podcast choices. Again, if you have any that I missed and that I should be recommending and checking out for myself.


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