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Top 10 Walk Up Songs For 2021

Top 10 Walk-Up Songs For 2021


When it comes to choosing your walk-up song, there are many different directions you can go with it. Some players choose to use the same walk-up song for every at-bat, while like to mix it up for every game they play. It all depends on how you want to feel when you’re at the plate: whether the song brings them a sense of calm, or if it gets the crowd involved for that extra hype up, the walk-up song is a sign of the player’s own personal style, swagger and game vibe. 


Take a dive into our teams' top walk-up song picks for 2021, as well as their favorite items from the new baseball collection that just hit the shelves.


Firestone - Kygo

Picked by: Social Media Manager, Alex

This house song is always a crowd favorite. It’s always interesting to see which part of the song a player will use as his walk up to the plate.

Favorite Tee: Screamer II


The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco

Picked by: CEO, Andrew

Life and the game are always going to throw curveballs and sometimes knock you down, but with the help of your teammates, the show will go on!

Favorite Tee: NLBM x Routine Kings Conquer


Sum 2 Prove - Lil Baby

Picked by: Head of Product, Caitlin

This song is meant to hype you up in a big moment when you need that clutch single to the outfield to bring in the tying run late in the game. Who knows you might even hit a gapper and bring home the winning run too.

Favorite Tee: Scoops Tee

Tyler Herro - Jack Harlow

Picked by: Product Development, Aydan

Another song meant to hype you up and get you ready to reach base safely. Even though the song is named after a professional basketball player, it doubles perfectly as a walk-up song for any at-bat.

Favorite Tee: Kindly Take Your Seat

Power - Kanye West

Picked by: Email Marketing Manager, John

The ultimate hype song. Using the introduction of this song to walk up to the plate late in the game can help get any home crowd loud prior to a major at-bat. This allows them to carry that noise into the at-bat as well.

Favorite Tee: Box Logo Tee


Hotel California - Eagles

Picked by: Marketing Manager, Kristina 

If you’re a fan of a more relaxed approach to home plate then I recommend using Hotel California by the Eagles. A smooth guitar solo that the entire crowd knows can also leave them performing an acapella version of the song while you blast a single up the middle.

Favorite Tee: TWAW42 Short Sleeve


Splash Warning - Meek Mill

Picked by: Product Development, Shimon

Need to get ready to hit a home run? Look no further than using the song Splash Warning by Meek Mill to put you in the zone. It might be hard to choose which part of the song you want to use when you have Young Thug, Future, and Roddy Ricch to choose from.

Favorite Tee: Thou Shall Not Steal


Jungle (Remix) - Jay Z

Picked by: Creative Manager, Adam

This song is perfect if you’re a leadoff hitter to start a game or a closer coming into the end the game and send everyone home happy. Regardless of when this song comes on during the game, you will have the crowd hyped up and that energy will keep them loud.

Favorite Tee: 2 Seasons 


Highest In The Room - Travis Scott

Picked by: Customer Service Manager, Carter

This song was found on all commercials ranging from NBA playoffs to MLB playoffs to help hype up the upcoming games. For good reason too, it doubles great as a walk-up song too. 

Favorite Tee: TWAW42 Long Sleeve


Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

Picked by: Head of Marketing, Melinda

Can never go wrong with this song. I would prefer if every closer always uses this song when they enter the game, especially during the playoffs. If you’re walking up to bat needing to hit a walk-off in the 9th inning this is always a great option because not only will it leave the pitcher rattled but the crowd will stay loud to help you out.

Favorite Tee: Scoops Tee

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