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The BP Pullover Jacket

Let me tell you about one of the newest pieces that just dropped, because it is one of the cleanest ones there is. The Routine Pullover is perfect for any occasion, whether you're warming up in practice or before a game or just rocking it with your friends, you can't go wrong grabbing this piece.


It's lightweight and breathable to allow for comfortability and it's got all the little things to show you got style. The first thing you notice is the word 'ROUTINE' and you may wear this and get people asking what does that mean or is that the name of your team? It's the perfect segway into letting these people know who you're rocking and where to get their own from. You got the Routine logo on the left arm sleeve and a home plate on the left arm sleeve just to add some more details for people to look at when you're taking hacks.



I'm a big fan of pullovers and I wear them everywhere I go, whether I'm going to an actual game or maybe hanging out with some friends because it's light and can be worn in almost any weather conditions. Also it goes with workout attire whether you're going for a run or at the gym but you can easily throw some jeans on and wear it to the next function with your favorite fitted. It's not limited to a certain setting and since it's water resistant this could be the perfect piece to wear over your hoodie in case the weather gods aren't allowing you to play that day. Since it's black that makes it even easier to wear with almost any other clothes combo because as we all know black goes with everything.



My favorite part about this pullover is the pockets in the front, because that allows you to stash your favorite snacks on the field or on-the-go. And the best part about these pockets is the metal button snaps that secure the pockets that way nothing can fall out and no one can go in. The most annoying thing is when your teammates know you have seeds in your pocket and they just put their hands in and grab some, well as long as those pockets are snapped that won't be happening to you anytime soon.


This pullover is just an overall comfortable piece and it is a great investment considering when and where you can wear this and what you can do while wearing it. You can workout in this pullover because it's light and won't weigh you down or you can just rock it at the next BBQ and show everyone what team you stay repping. It's the perfect pullover and it should definitely be a routine piece in your wardrobe.

If you want to add the BP Pullover to your closet check it out here.

-Michael Samperio


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