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David Sunflower Seed Rankings

As we embark on another edition of October Playoff baseball, I can't help it but to think about how I always sit down during these games and just spit sunflower seeds into a cup. Now, of course, one could be thinking 'who cares?'

Baseball people care. Baseball people look at sunflower seeds as the Holy Grail of snacks. For me, since I've been young enough to not choke on seeds, it's always been David's.
Since tee-ball sunflower seeds is an institution on and off the baseball field for yours truly. And I can almost guarantee those who have baseball at any level can agree with me to some degree.
In this article, I will list off my favorite flavors of David's Sunflower Seeds. I have to preface this list by saying I've honestly never tried a different brand long enough to comment or have an opinion on them. However, I would be up for replies to this giving your favorite brand of seeds and maybe I'll write a follow up piece on fan recommendations.
So, here we go!
#1 - Sweet & Spicy
To me, the top spot isn't even close. Don't even @ me on this one. The taste and the duration of flavor is unlike anything else on God's green earth. When David's released this flavor I was interested because at that time I consistently stayed with BBQ (which will be on this list). Upon buying my first bag of this new flavor, my taste buds blew up. It's the right amount of sweet and the right amount of spicy. I couldn't believe how magical these were. I honestly am not sure a better flavor can be made. David's has absolutely mastered this concoction and I will continue to buy them by the buckets.
#2 - BBQ
As briefly stated above, BBQ was my go-to for many years. To this day, since Sweet & Spicy isn't sold every where, BBQ will be my emergency pick-me-up. BBQ has the right amount of tang to it and the flavor lasts longer than most. BBQ is a big favorite amongst my teammates and buddies.
#3 - Original
No matter what, the original big daddy needs to be in the top three. Without the OG there wouldn't be any other. When in a bind and need something in your mouth to keep occupied, there will always be old reliable in any market store or gas station.
#4 - Ranch
Now, I'm not the biggest fan of this flavor but that's why it's where it is on this list. The only reason it even made the list is the strength of flavor. Not for anything else, Ranch carries a heavy punch for flavor in each bag. Most times, it's just too much for me. Nonetheless, if it's the only option I have they serve its purpose. Ranch is normally atop many lists but call me crazy I guess here.
#5 - Reduced Sodium
Ok, I get it. This is probably blasphemous. Let me explain. Sometimes the original can get super salty. And no I'm not talking about Yadi Molina every other day when a pitch is two inches inside. So, if you are macros and sodium counter, these seeds work for you. If you can't handle the salt intake but still love sunflower seeds, these fit the bit. What these seeds really should be considered, is clutch. They aren't that simple to find as you have a better chance locking down Sweet & Spicy than these. Head over to Amazon and you can get yourself a bag or a box if these reduced sodium seeds. It's okay, nobody will make fun of you. Honestly, they will probably just laugh and ask for a handful.
That's how it always goes.


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