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In a Pure Gold Mindset

What does it take to accomplish your goals? Routine. Hard work. Dedication. It’s the practice of visualization and reframing your mindset. Pure Gold is the embodiment of this. It’s what our design collaborator, and first female Gold Glove winner, AJ Andrews, believes it takes to reach the top. 

Her daily routine and living this Pure Gold mindset have helped her to stay focused, faithful, and driven and have led to results on and off the field. 

For her exclusive first collection, AJ wanted to include her daily mantras and affirmations on the product as daily reminders to continue to strive to reach your goals and to pursue all that challenges you.

"We are limitless" - a message to all women that their worth and talent are boundless. 


"1% better every day" - featured in a puzzle piece, this acts as a visual reminder to make daily improvements to reach your goals, no matter how small. 


"Trust your process" - sometimes the mold just doesn't fit you. You know what got you to this point. Don't allow others to change what makes you better. Believe in your way.


Pure Gold means being fearless, believing in yourself when no one else does, and not letting anyone change who you are. To celebrate the drop, we put together a few of our favorite 'Golden' Vibes to listen to while you check out the Pure Gold collection. As always, #KeepItRoutine and let's go break barriers together!


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