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On The Field x Off The Field: Featuring ATL Young Gas Thrower, Touki Toussaint

The Atlanta Braves are a promising young team as a whole.

Great young lineup, that is no longer a secret in the baseball world; but how about that staff?

Young flame thrower Touki Toussaint is going to be in the spotlight this spring while solidifying a spot with the Braves rotation.

Touki is laid back, but hard working.

Touki is cool, but throws HEAT.

Touki is a GRINDER.

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When you know spring training is around the corner...

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Sit back, relax and get to know the kid, Touki Toussaint.

The Nickname:
"Touki. My real names Danny, but nobody calls me that. It's a mixture of my
last name and my moms. It's pretty cool."

Walk Out Jam:
"I actually don't have one yet. But I'm looking to roll with "Feed The
Streets 2 intro" by Roddy Rich, or 'Going Bad' by Drake and Meek."

Daily Grind:
Off Season - "Wake up. Breakfast. Workouts. Eat again, then it's pilates
time, at least 3 or 4 times a week. Workouts are usually 9-1, and, lift
from 9-11, then we're on the field from 11:30 to 1 o'clock."

In Season - "The day I pitch, I show up about 2.5 hours before the game, go
through my Routine, foam rolling, listening to my pre game beats, and if we
have a 7 o'clock, by 6 I'm looking over the hitters tape and studying that,
then at 6:30 finishing my warm ups. The day after I pitch, is recovery, day
two is play catch and long toss, day three I usually throw a pen, and day
four I usually throw a 5 pitch tester feel off the mound and get prepped
for the next start. I sometimes even do 3 days off a mound, only 5 pitches
for testing though. Maybe 60-70%."

"No superstitions I can think of. Just a routine. I like my certain type of
music and stuff. I like my cleats being clean. That may be it, LOL. I used
to get talked to about 'not being focused', but really my personality is
just having fun. In between the lines, I'm all game. But I go about my
routine and do whatever works for me."

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ROY!!! Congrats my brother! Couldn't be more proud of you. El Abusador!!!!! 💪ðŸÂ¾ðŸ’¯

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Game-day Grub:
"Chick Fil A used to be my daily go to, bro! But now I just make sure I eat
chicken daily. I had to cut it out, because with the order I'd always get, it was too much calories and sugar daily."

Game-day Drip:
"Some Human Races to the stadium. Some clean Adidas' generally. Being
comfortable is key. Being in the minors it was hard to drip, but in the
league, I can do my thing. I'm putting it all together this year, stay

Favorite off the field fashion:
"Sweatpants/joggers or track-pants, a long tee, some slips, I like keeping
it clean and cozy."


Favorite Off the Field Hobbies:
"I LOVE to sleep. I don't do much else besides ball and sleep. Usually in
my room sleeping or chilling. I play COD from time to time. I brought my
PS4 to spring training to be entertained in my downtime."

Coolest Thing You've Done Off a Baseball Field:
"I go back to Margate and throw the first pitch out every year. It's so
cool to go back where I started. I also wanna make attending the home run
derby in the Bahamas a constant thing. It's so cool. It's called 'Don't
Blink' home run derby. They don't let me hit, but I'm chilling on Jet Skis
that whole time!"

Something Particularly Special About Being A Ball Player:
"Learning something new, every day. It's awesome. Constant learning and
adjusting. I wanna help the game grow, so we can get more appreciation,
too! The game humbles you daily."



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@touki came out DRIPPING. What other ball players got some solid fashion going on?

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Talking to Touki was an absolute pleasure. The kid is just happy to be alive and playing the greatest game in the world. Touki will also be one of the main features on The Clubhouse Mag (@clubhouse_mag) instagram, because of how swaggy and active he is in the baseball community!


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