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On The Field x Off The Field Featuring Pro Ball Southpaw, Alex Katz

We. Are. Back!

A lot has been going on with the return of the baseball season and what a beautiful time of year it is!

One thing that the MLB has preached, is their new slogan, "Let The Kids Play", and it's a really cool thing because the new faces of baseball are all about the movement and the continued upward growth of the sport stays steadily going.

Gear/On the field fashion has become a staple in the new "faces" of our beloved game, and we all know, your cleat game is a major key.

Crafty lefty, Alex Katz, began one of the biggest cleat customization businesses in baseball with buddy Anthony Delucia, called KD Custom Kicks.

On top of being an exceptional left hander, and potential big leaguer sooner than later, the cleat customization business is blowing up.

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Instagram pic taken at Instagram 📸

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The Nickname:

Kitty. Just because my last name is Katz. It's unique and I don't mind it.

Walk up jam:

I'm still trying to find the right song. If anyone has suggestions I'd be happy to consider them!

Daily Grind:

Lifting and stretching are key. I don't want to be strong if I'm not mobile as well. During the season I don't lift as much as during the offseason.

I love having a good pregame routine, which consists of lifting, stretching, throwing, running, eating and visualization.


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Spring Training is almost here! Put an emoji 🙌⚾ï¸Â in the comments if you're excited!

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It's pretty simple but I like to make sure my shoe laces are tied tightly. It's mindless and simple but it's my thing.

Go to Gameday grub:

I eat Chipotle almost every day for lunch during the season. It's a must. An easy and consistently good go to.

Favorite Game Day Drip:

Customs cleats from KD Custom Kicks. (shameless brand plug)

Favorite Off the field fashion/apparel:

Usually a hat and a pair of Ray Bans. Keep it simple but clean!

What's your favorite off the field hobby(s)?

Golf and photography. I think every ball player takes up golf, LOL. But photography is awesome and I love it.

Coolest thing you've done OFF the field:

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Crib goals #Studio42 #IndoorWhiffleBall

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Co-founded KD Custom Kicks with one of my friends. This has been so much fun to see the growth of something I love so much.

Something particularly special about the lifestyle of ball player:

Getting to travel around the world. Opening my whole mind up to all of the cool and beautiful things that are around us that we may not realize normally, or maybe we take advantage of.


Talking with Kitty El Gato gives insight on how you can make an enormous splash in the baseball world even still currently as a minor leaguer. Finding hobbies outside of the sport is a huge thing to incorporate into your life and it's even more great when the hobby can be incorporated immediately into your culture. Stay tuned for much more to come with some special features on OTFxOTF.


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