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On The Field x Off The Field: Featuring Brewers #1 Prospect, Keston Hiura

The Brew Crew are an intriguing bunch, and BURSTED onto the 'title contending' scene in 2018, and things are only looking up.

Stud prospect Keston Hiura is on the brink of breaking into the big leagues this year. Not only is he a phenomenal player, but also a phenomenal all around person. @KestDaddy, as he loves to go by, was so down to earth and in depth with his responses; you just gotta love it!

Get to know the future all-star, Keston Hiura:

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Offseason coming to an end and Spring Training right around the corner. Can't wait to get back on the field! #AZBound

A post shared by Keston Hiura (@kestdaddy) on

The Nickname:
"So the nickname that many people call me is KestDaddy. It's a nickname I've had since my Junior year of high school. To be completely honest, I'm not sure how I got that nickname. It was probably from one of my friends messing around and it had a nice tone to it so I decided to keep it. It's been my username for all of my social media accounts and I find it funny when random people come up to me and call me KestDaddy or ask me to sign a ball saying KestDaddy.

Walk up jam:
"Last year my walk up jam was Savage by Whethan, Flux Pavilion, and MAX. It's an EDM song that really amps me up when I'm walking to the plate. I normally pick EDM songs for my walk up song because it gets people's attention bumps on the speakers, and really gets the juices flowing."

Daily Grind:
"After completing my first full year of professional baseball I learned how important it was to have a routine and taking care of my body. Creating a routine is important because it allows your mind and body to get comfortable and ready for the upcoming game. Now it wasn't a strict schedule or anything where I had to do the routine at the exact same time every day, but more of making sure I got things done on my checklist. Taking care of my body was my number one priority last season. I made sure my whole body was ready to compete to my fullest every day. This includes stretching, working out, getting treatment from our trainer, and postgame recovery. A lot goes into making sure your body feels right so you can play as many games as you can but also prevent injuries.

During the off-season I take about a month off from baseball so I can just decompress and spend quality time with family and friends. Once that month goes by I begin to ease my way back into baseball activities. I lift with a trainer I've had since freshman year of high school, Mike Yudin. He's been a big reason for my success as he has gotten me stronger, become more explosive, and learn about injury prevention."

"I never really had any superstitions, they were more of routines. The only crazy superstition I use to have was in high school. I use to eat two chocolate donuts on game days even though I didn't like doughnuts. Had to end that superstition shortly after because I don't think it was in the best interest for my health. Other than that, no crazy superstitions."

Go to Game-day grub:
"Every morning I make sure to wake up to make or eat breakfast. I would always eat some egg whites, bacon, an English muffin, and chocolate milk. Before the game, I don't eat anything too heavy and made sure to hydrate by drinking a lot of water and electrolytes."

Favorite Game Day Drip:
"As a part of the adidas family, I always feel comfortable and confident out on the field. I always wear an arm sleeve on my right arm and tape on my left wrist. I'm not too picky on my cleats but Adidas has definitely done a great job on making sure my cleat game was on point. I don't wear anything too flashy, but I'm a big believer on look good, feel good, play good."

Favorite Off the field fashion/apparel:
"Some of my favorite off the field brands are Adidas, Lululemon, Travis Matthew, and Tommy Bahama. I've been pretty set on those brands the past few years. I'm a huge fan of the adidas UltraBoost shoes. They are some of the most comfortable shoes in the game and I've started quite a collection of them. If I'm not wearing those I am normally rocking my Rainbow sandals, which are big on the west coast. I also own a lot of Hawaiian shirts. I've been collecting them since high school and like to incorporate them into my fashion."

What's your favorite off the field hobby(s)?:
"I like to play all kinds of sports. I enjoy playing basketball, football, and golf. This past offseason I've been trying to get out on the golf course as much as I can. Arizona and California has some pretty nice golf courses especially during the fall/winter time when the weather is nice. Other activities I enjoy doing are fishing, going to the beach, and outdoor activities."

Coolest thing you've done OFF the field:
"The past few years I've been able to work with two non profits, the Jessie Rees Foundation (NEGU) and Team Impact. The Jessie Rees Foundation is a charity that fills jars with toys and delivers them to children in hospitals who have cancer or life threatening illnesses. Their main goal is to put a smile on children's faces and remind them to fight and to never ever give up (NEGU). Team Impact is an organization where they match children with cancer or life threatening illnesses with college sports teams. They allow these children to feel like they are a part of a team full of support and comfort through difficult times. These two organizations have really opened my eyes to see how I can help make an impact on others, but also help give kids hope where hope is needed."

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Had an amazing time at #BrewersOnDeck yesterday! Thanks @brewers fans for making it a day to remember!

A post shared by Keston Hiura (@kestdaddy) on


Something particularly special about the lifestyle of a ball player:
"I think the one main thing I found special about baseball players are the many sacrifices they make each year. Life of a ball player isn't as easy as many people think. We have to spend time away from loved ones, family, and friends for majority of the year. I've played with players who have missed their child's birthday or have lost family members during the season. It's not an easy task but what I found so amazing is how players don't let these sacrifices affect how they play or go about their business. Everyone is chasing their dream and it's so cool to see everyone playing the game they love for as long as the can regardless of the sacrifices they have to make."


Keston Hiura is an exceptional young dude. The Brewers got a good one in this kid. Stay tuned for MUCH more OTFxOTF, coming atcha very soon!


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