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On The Field x Off The Field - Featuring All Star, Scooter Gennett

On The Field x Off The Field, a new series where we connect with players on the field and ask questions about their lifestyle off the field.

In the history of baseball, 18 players have hit four home runs in a game.

Some of the names are...

Lou Gehrig...
Mike Schmidt...
Willie Mays...

And Cincinnati Reds stud, Scooter Gennett.

Gennett has climbed his way into baseball prominence the last two years, hitting a combined .303 with 49 dingers and 189 RBIs in 2017 and 2018.

Scooter will be apart of a much improved Reds lineup where he's looking to again, put up some sick numbers and improve his value even more-so.

But this dude isn't only a fantastic ballplayer on the field, but an even better person off the field.

Let's get to know our guy, Scooter...

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What a time this year @homesteadmiami Thank you @austindillon3 @dalejr @nascar for a memorable experience for me and my loved ones. We had a blast and cya next year! #theintimidator

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The Nickname:

Well, the muppet babies, when I was 4 or 5 years old was one of my favorite shows, my favorite character was Scooter. So, I was in the car with my mom and I would keep unclicking my seatbelt. She would drive, I'd unclick it again, then she'd pull over, and repeat, this went on for about 4 or 5 different stops. She then grew tired of me unclicking the seatbelt so she drove me to the police station to teach me a lesson. I told the cop my name was Scooter because I was scared to answer to my real name (Ryan) because I thought if I told them that they'd arrest me or something. So now I feel like whenever I have kids of my own, I'm gonna get some karma for how tough I was, LOL.

Daily Routine:
Offseason - Slowly ramping up my process of getting back into baseball activities. I use my own type of techniques to get ready. Then, about a month before spring training, I take about 20 swings off a tee daily just as a walk through getting my hands working correctly. Then a few soft toss swings, and then regular BP.

In season - I train my swing to be as realistic as possible as in-game at-bats. I set up my hitting routine around this every day because it helps me get my in-game swing normalized. I try to not pick up bad habits like taking really hard swings and hitting every ball over the fence. I tell little kids to pair your pre-game prep directly with your in-game prep because that's how you ultimately begin winning games; with a solid mindset and proper training.

Superstitions: (Game Day, off days, regular life)

My tee work is my superstition. If I don't do my tee work I feel so off. I just don't feel right. I wear my stuff the same way daily on a good or bad day because I need to be comfortable while playing. My routine is my superstition I'd say. I feel like a lot of players' routine is their superstition. But overall I just want to make sure every day I play the game the right way.


Game-day Grub:

Big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, need the nutrients in there! But for lunch on game days, I do like a chicken parmesan with some spaghetti just to be satisfied but not too full. Could be fried chicken, skyline chili (it's an Ohio thing).


Favorite Game-Day Gear:

I wear a lot of Nike dri-fit, and whatever socks are comfortable, Phiten socks usually. A cotton undershirt is cozy, a routine baseball shirt that matches the uni is always a solid game day under jersey go to. Batting gloves back left pocket, because that's where I slide. And of course a good bat. That's key.

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Favorite Off The Field Fashion/Apparel:

I mix it up a ton. One day some Jordans, and then a day we have a game then dinner after you'll catch me in some nice boots and nice jeans. I met a guy in Cincinnati who customizes my suits which is awesome. I like boots a lot generally. Camo is big to me because where I'm from in Florida if you don't wear camo to the gas station people think you aren't a local. But as far as fashion goes, I go to Nordstrom to buy the Jeans, preferably Nordstrom rack, I like the 40% off.


What's your favorite off the field hobbies?:

I would say, shooting some hoops, maybe a 3 Point Challenge against myself or other people. I converted an old horse stable into a nice new gym me and my cousin worked on. I like shooting my bow and guns, I like driving fast but always safe! (LOL don't we all). I like fishing as well. I hurt my hand bad once fishing, so I'm tentative with fishing, though. Also, I'm a big movie guy and I also like pottery a lot. I honestly like almost everything.



Coolest thing you've done on the field:
I was playing in this tournament in the Dominican Republic when I was 12, and our pitcher was done, and we had no wings left so coach came out to shortstop and said 'Scooter, you got a good arm get out here' and I ended up using my fastball and self-taught knuckle curve and I ended up winning the game throwing a little over 5 innings and I ended up winning MVP of this tournament; and this was the first moment I told myself, 'I can do this, I can go somewhere with the game I love.'


Something particularly special about the lifestyle of ballplayer:

I'm advocating a movement for mental health and that's so big to me. But I loved, even in high school, making a kids day signing autographs. It's just so special to me. Talking to the kids and seeing their face light up is awesome. We have the opportunity to go to the Children's Hospital and seeing how happy they are when they see us. It's so amazing, that with everything they're going through, we have a chance to make their day when they're really the ones who impact me. The fact that I'm so blessed to be doing what I'm doing and make an impact on kids is so unbelievably special to me. The mental health the movement I push is because I want kids to know they can talk. It's cool to go sit with the kid who's sitting by himself at lunch. It's cool to talk and open up. Never be scared to do that. So many people just want someone to talk to, and I want people to see me on my platform say that you CAN talk. I have the ability to help others indirectly, like some home runs I hit impact people and fans more they can ever impact me. I'm just so blessed.

While on the phone with Scooter, we had an incredibly powerful conversation on mental health, some of which is featured above...* IT IS OKAY TO TALK TO SOMEONE, YOU'RE NEVER ALONE *



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