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Off-Season Essentials

The combination of comfort, utility and style are vital for everyone’s training needs. Athletes make a promise to themselves that they will come back next year bigger and better with determination and success on their minds through every rep, sprint, swing and throw. The off-season is where athletes get better. Athletes do not rise to the occasion when the lights come on, they fall to the level of their training when the lights are off. 

The clothing you choose influences your performance on the sports field and gym. You might be thinking, you’re going to get sweaty anyway so why not just slip into a worn-out cotton t-shirt and beat up shorts? Fact is the right clothing can boost confidence. The clothing you wear can make a difference if you believe it’s going to help you perform better. Studies in the field of cognition have shown the positive impact of wearing the right clothes for your workplace. It is termed “enclothed cognition” this is the phenomenon that many echo “look good, feel good, play good.” It relates to the effect which clothing has upon a person’s mental process and the way they think, feel, and function, in areas like attention, confidence, or abstract thinking. If you like what you’re wearing and you know you look good, chances are you will act it out too. 

Routine is working non-stop to bring clothes that feel and look good while training in season and in the off-season. Clothes that have both style and comfort, giving you that edge when it comes to your off-season style. Some of our favorite picks include the Box Logo Hoodie, the DNA Sweater in Athletic Heather and the Utility Leggings. Watch out for new joggers launching next week. Stay protected with the Reversible Neck Gaiter which features an antimicrobial coating– double layered for an extra barrier.

It’s time to start preparing for next season in more ways than one. Next season you will come back untouchable on the field while also having untouchable swag. 

Next season starts right now.


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