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On-The-Field x Off-The-Field: with Mariners Prospect Braden Bishop

On The Field x Off The Field, a new series where we connect with players on the field and ask questions about their lifestyle off the field.


The beauty in the game is hidden amongst so many different facets.

Let's discuss the lifestyle of a ballplayer with Mariners' top 10 prospect, Braden Bishop!

Daily Grind:

Bishop: I wake up at 7 am and take a cold shower. I make breakfast and do my vision pursue meditation app. I watch a show or do some work for my family charity, 4MOM. I'll head to workout and workout for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. Then I'll eat lunch and head to the cage. I'll work through drills and usually work pretty slow so I can get some good feels within my swing. I'll work up to overhand or machine BP depending on what I'm working on.
(VB- 4MOM is a charity set up by Bishop in honor of his mother, Suzy. Check out the link here and support the incredible charity and work Braden does.)


Bishop: I always pray before I leave my locker for the field before the game.

Game Day Grub?:
Bishop: Egg white, chicken, and avocado toast.
Favorite Game Day Drip:
Bishop: Cleats for sure. I'll bring out some custom Under Armours. I had all grey Curry 4s on the road.

(VB- The kid drips too hard on the field!)

Favorite Off The Field Fashion:
Bishop: White Button Down, Black Bomber Jacket, and Jordan 11 Gamma Blues.
(VB- A good bomber jacket adds the perfect amount of 'drip' to an outfit. And the gamma blues? Sheeshhhh )

Something particularly special about the lifestyle of a ballplayer:
You see parts of the country you'd never see unless you were playing. You learn how to live with limited resources with the idea that you could be at a different level or different city the following day. You live in the moment because you love the game and are thankful to be playing.

(VB- Incredibly well said.)


The daily routine, superstitions, game day eats, game day swag, and off the field swag is a huge piece of an athlete's life especially in a marathon game like baseball; where you're training basically year-round, and playing from April till September/October at earliest...

The special part about the lifestyle of a ballplayer is unique to each and every ballplayer.

Beyond being a great ballplayer and soon-to-be Big Leaguer, Bishop is a phenomenal dude, and this should help give you some insight on what it's like being a minor leaguer and big-league prospect, along with the importance of things like your fashion, on and off the field.



Infield x Outfield is a brand new segment we're adding as Routine expands through media and extends the lifestyle of baseball off the field.


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