How to create your first wish list and win everything in it!

There's nothing more exciting than winning everything you've ever wanted and here's your chance to do so with Routine. We will be hosting our annual Wishlist Giveaway beginning November 3rd.

Get the chance to win your entire wishlist whether it's a couple of items or the whole store. All you have to do is login to your account, create your wish list, & share it on Twitter using the hashtag #RoutineWishlist. We will be announcing 4 winners over the course of the next 4 weeks beginning Wednesday, November 6th. Enter each week for an increased chance to win. Only one winner will be chosen.

Winner 1 Announced: Nov. 6th
Winner 2 Announced: Nov. 13th
Winner 3 Announced: Nov. 20th
Winner 4 Announced: Nov 27th

See below gifs on how to use the new wish list feature in the store.

How to create a wishlist...

Step 1: Log-in to your Routine Baseball account:

routine baseball wishlist - Step 1 -  Login

Step 2: Go to your item and save them to your general list


You can alternatively click the heart found on the collection pages. A heart filled with green has been added to your list.

Step 3: Share your list on Twitter!



A Few Side Steps

Side Step 1: Quick Checking Your List with The Wishlist Tab


Side Step 2: Creating personalized collections


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