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How to Clean Your Hat

"We all love that new cap smell. When you pull a fresh hat off the shelf, or out of the box, and put it on for the first time, man that’s a little slice of heaven. The crisp flat brim, the pop of the colors, it’s all beautiful. You wear that cap like it is an extension of yourself, and as a result, pour tons of sweat into that baby. Eventually, the band gets some funk, the hat gets wet and dirty, the colors fade some, and the hat lacks its original punch. Here is a little lid care to keep that piece looking, and smelling, fresh. 

Hat Cleaning Tips

First, find a decent sized Tupperware container or bowl. It needs to be big enough that the whole hat can be submerged. 

Pour a small dab of laundry detergent into the container, a drop a little bigger than the size of a quarter will work.

Next is the most important part: Grab a spoon and some baking soda from your kitchen and throw a spoonful of that powder in there. 

Fill your container/bowl with HOT water. Stir that baking soda and detergent together.

Submerge and soak the entire hat in the mixture for 20 minutes. Be careful not to soak it too long because you want to keep that brim from getting too saturated where it won’t stay firm.

Get a toothbrush, and NOT the old one you used yourself, grab a fresh one out of the pack. Take that toothbrush and scrub. Scrub the band. Scrub the logos. Work both the inside and outside of the hat and don’t forget the brim.

Rinse the hat out with cool water, making sure all the detergent is rinsed out and the water runs clear from the hat. No bubbles left over.

Finally, take a small towel and ball it up inside the hat to maintain the shape while it dries. Leave the hat to dry overnight.

In the morning you will wake to a sparkling clean, color-refreshed lid that will bring you back to when you first pulled that beauty off the shelf. Enjoy!"

-Sanzone (@san3zone)


If any of our followers is interested in documenting their hat cleaning in the form of a video, send it in and we'll publish you on this blog. Until then, Keep it Routine!


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