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Honor & Disrupt

At Routine, our Mission is to Honor the Past and Disrupt the Future.


Honoring the stories and people who inspired us in and out of sports. The communities that were built out of passion for a common goal. The tales of conquer, of fun, and the icons who came before us to produce those memories. We celebrate the journey and cherish those efforts to pave the way for future generations.

A few that we honor

  1. Negro Leagues Baseball
  2. Players of the Negros Leagues 
  3. Mothers & Supporters
  4. Veterans
  5. First Responders


Disrupting the unwritten rules of life and sport. We strive to challenge the norm, make an impact, and think outside the box. Whether it's bringing streetwear into a sport for the first time, a bat flip after a home run, or being named the first-ever female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we love the moments in life that get head tilts, sighs from the doubters, and tears of joy from the believers.

A few that are Disruptors

  1. Jackie Robinson
  2. AJ Andrews
  3. Kim Ng
  4. Kendall Coyne Schofield and Sarah Fuller
  5. Lus Manuel Castro

Although, there are way more than we can possibly list, these are the ones  that come to mind. And don’t forget to read our Blueprint and check out the Honor & Disrupt playlist


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