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Hats & Baseball

Hats & Baseball

We’ve all had a hat that we love so much that we wear it until we can’t anymore. Sometimes we let those hats get so dirty that we don’t know if we can revive them anymore. If you get some gnarly sweat stains from running around all day with your baseball hat on or it builds up lots of dirt from touching it over the years. This blog is for you! We’re going to help give some ways to keep that baseball hat as clean as possible to help extend its lifetime.

Washing a baseball hat by hand is one of the best ways to do so. First, you’ll want to fill up a bucket with COLD water. Hot water will cause the colors to run and fade and possibly make your hat shrink a little bit. You only need enough water to submerge your hat underneath. Add some detergent or soap to your water and mix it around until it dissolves in the water. When washing your hat for the first time, try soaking part of the hat to see the impact of the treatment. Hold the patch underwater for about two minutes; this way, you can make sure the mixture doesn’t cause any mixed colors or discoloration. Once you do your test patch and realize the mixture works, submerge your entire hat and soak for 30 minutes. Dirtier caps may need to soak for a few hours. 

When you remove your baseball hat from the mixture, run the hat under your cold sink water to get all detergents out. Again we are using cold water here, so the baseball hat doesn’t shrink. You want to continue rinsing until the hat doesn’t feel sticky anymore. Once the hat is not sticky anymore, remove all the access water that you can. You can gently squeeze the water out between your hands, or you can use a towel and pat it down until there is no water dripping. Once that is done, you just need to let it dry! Using a fan to blow on your baseball hat can speed up this process.

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If you have a modern baseball hat from the last 10 years or so, you can most likely wash your hat in the washing machine. This can be riskier but is much easier to do. The first thing you’ll want to do is prep the liner or headband of the hat because this is where most of the sweat and skin oils stay on the hat. Usually, this is the dirtiest part of your baseball hat as well. If your hat is a wool hat, DO NOT use a washing machine. If your hat has a cardboard brim, you should also avoid thoroughly soaking the hat. Instead, try using a spray bottle and a washcloth. Once you treat the liner of your hat, you can throw it in the laundry like the rest of your laundry. Use cold water for the best results, and never use bleach. Once the cycle is finished, do not put the heat in the dryer. Be sure to let your baseball hat air dry, and again, you can use an electric fan to speed this process up a bit.

Using these two techniques, you should be able to keep all your baseball hats in prime condition and looking brand new!

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