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AJ x Routine

Elevate Your Style | Edgy with Confidence

"Women are allowed to feel beautiful, strong, and powerful at the same time without needing anyone's validation or permission"


Hey let’s turn up the heat a little bit, and add a little edge to that fit!

Basics are staples in every girl’s closet. We all have our go-to crop top, jacket or tee that we feel comfortable in and helps us complete our daily routines. What if I told you that it is actually possible to be comfortable and look effortless with just a tiny bit of effort added? 

Let’s be honest, after being stuck at home through quarantine there isn’t much that sounds worse than having to put on a pair of jeans and sacrificing the sweat pant comfort that I’ve grown so accustomed to for all of these months. So instead of slipping on those clothes that look really cute, (but I can’t wait to take off at the end of the day) I decided I’ll just add some chic to my comfort clothes. 

First things first, think of some of your favorite chic but not so comfy clothes and ask yourself: how can I make this comfortable and not something that I am itching to get out of at the end of the day? For me when it comes to styling my comfortable and basics it is all about the pairings and add-ons. A little more fabric never hurt anyone, well anyone in some comfy joggers at least. Pair your new favorite routine top with some patterned joggers that will set off the entire outfit. 

Whether it is layering another shirt or comfortable jacket to add a different look, or adding some fabric to customize the outfit, you can really create whatever you want. While styling my comfort clothes I think of the accessories and how to pair them. Create some contrast with colors and patterns to add a new element to the outfit. 

Always remember, it’s not what you wear but rather how you wear it. The best accessory you can wear is confidence, so make sure you put that on first!

~ AJ


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