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Go-To Fashion Tips for the Fall

The Dog Days of Summer have ended. Now, deep into the MLB Playoffs, a crisp Autumn wind blows the fallen leaves. Shorts and tank tops seem like a distant past as we all stare blankly into our closet. It can be overwhelming to decide between jeans and shorts or short-sleeves and long-sleeves. There’s no ‘right’ answer but there’s no wrong answer either. So let’s get you prepared to take on the most variable season of all… That’s right, we’re talking about clothes for men in the fall.


Wear Layers

Chilly weather is going to require additional layers. Layers like coats, jackets, hoodies, or flannels are perfect for the fall. 

These heavy layers are to be worn over lighter, more breathable underlayers. This form of an outfit is both comfortable and trendy. Research has shown that men wearing multiple visible layers are more appealing -- and this also allows you the ability to regulate your temperature by adding or subtracting your layers.

If you are interested in quality t-shirts, lightweight long-sleeves, flannel jackets, hoodies, or coats, swing on over to Routine for the latest men’s fall wear. 


Solid Colors Work

As the leaves begin to change and pumpkin rules the world, solid earthy tones work well for men. You can think about your greens, oranges, and browns when October rolls around. 

It has to do with how we think of the season. Fall is jumping in leaves, carving pumpkins, and drinking apple cider. All of those activities have accompanying colors that come to mind when you think of them.

Also, to harken back on the previous section about layers -- if you’re going to layer-up you can’t be too busy. If you start adding patterns or vibrant colors to your layers your outfit can become messy quick.

Keep it simple with your colors and you’ll appear confident and classy. *cheers*


Breakout the Sweatshirts

Looking to keep things a little more casual? Try one of our hoodies or sweatshirts. They’re warm and smile-inducingly comfortable.

Most men don’t want to spend much time getting ready. Some do, but others not so much. To keep this tip for men’s dress wear in the fall simple, throw on a pair of your favorite jeans, some nice kicks, and a Routine hoodie. Boom, you’re ready for the fall.

No stress, no discomfort, just a solid fall outfit for every guy.

Don’t Underestimate Underwear & Socks

By upgrading your underwear and sock game, you’ll have a chance to wear your favorite lighter wear deeper into the season. It’ll trap the heat in and allow you more freedom in your selections.

We all know how uncomfortable cold feet can be, so plan ahead with a comfortable pair of stylish socks. If you choose to go with wool be mindful of their size. Wool socks will cause shoes to feel between ½ and a full size larger as a result of their overall thickness. Long underwear or athletic tights can trap in tons of heat without compromising your outfit in the least. Consider these when you’re wearing pants with a thinner material.


Now get out there, take on the fall, and always Keep it Routine.


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