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Chapter 5: Lessons Learned.

Lessons Learned...

Life is about learning, adapting, and achieving new goals.

While experiencing 'life' and all of its hurdles, chances are you're going to go through things really good but also some that are kind of bad and disheartening; but overall, they're lessons.

The game of baseball teaches you lessons like no other.

You have such incredibly high ups, like hitting a walk-off home run and then can come back the next day and strike out four times and feel like you're the worst player on earth; but all in all, you realize that isn't the truth at all, and the game of baseball shows you that. Even with the imperfections of life, you know there are brighter days.

The lessons that the game teaches ya, are just about as good as anything else you'll ever learn in life.

  • Perseverance; when you come across a hurdle, jump over it.
  • Faith, and to know things WILL get better.
  • Love and how to overcome the bad days when you love something.
  • Relationships and how to work things out.
  • The Super Highs and the Lowest of Lows.

To delve in deeper:

When playing ball, perseverance is so crucial. You're going to have days where you're absolutely on fire both at the plate and in the field, but you have to maintain a level head and keep striving forward and continue to get better because undoubtedly you're going to have days that make you wanna quit - that's when you have to dig deep and persevere.

Faith is also huge. I'm strong in my faith both religiously and in the aspect of just 'life' things. Some people are one or the other, and that's okay. But faith is SUPER key. You have to have faith things are going to get better than where they are on a dark day. You have to have faith that YOU will be a better person as a whole, not just as a ballplayer, at the end of your playing days. That's really the #1 key.

This is one of my favorites: learning how to 'love.' Baseball for me was my first love and I took to it at an extremely young age. It taught me that although I gave this game all that I had, sometimes it wouldn't love you back. Instead of running away and quitting, you have to work and become better. That's why love is so key.

Relationships in the game of baseball are CRUCIAL. Throwing partners, pitcher and catcher, infielders, outfielders, the 'starters,' etc; overall, you're a TEAM. Everyone has their cliques but at the end of the day, maintaining a strong relationship with the team as a whole is what's gonna help you guys all become better and grow. If you burn bridges amongst your team, that's like burning them with a girlfriend or significant other; things don't work out. Stay true, be loyal, loving, and passionate.

Andddd the big one; how to keep on going forward and stronger when you've reached the highest of highs, maybe hitting a walk-off homer, throwing a no no, etc; and how to stay level headed when you reach the lowest of lows, maybe a rough series at the plate or a bad outing on the mound. If you don't stay true to yourself, you're going to be so in your own head and everything I listed above, just goes nowhere. Self-confidence and having a level head are everything. Hold yourself to a solid swagger and don't lose it.

Lessons are going to come at easy and hard learning experiences as life goes on, but the game of baseball will humble you fast, and that's why I love the game so much - even to this day.


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