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Breakdown Of The Mid-Summer Classic

Breakdown of the Mid-Summer Classic


Every player's dream is to make the All-Star game, just one time. Being able to call yourself an All-Star puts you into elite company in the baseball record books. The sad part is, not everybody can be an All-Star as there is only 32 spots on each roster for the two teams.


The Mid-Summer Classic, or The All-Star Break, really puts on a show for the fans of baseball. At least one player from every ballclub will be represented, and at times there is 5-6 players from one respective club. While the All-Star festivities such as the Selection-Show, Red-Carpet Show, Celebrity Slow-Pitch Softball Game, Home-Run Derby, and All-Star Game highlights the biggest faces in baseball, there is however a sense of frustration that comes from fans and even players. All-Star Snubs. All-Star Snubs at times receive as much recognition, if not more, than an All-Star Selectee. Fans and analysts put together the most descriptive and detailed arguments on why their favorite player, or hometown player is deserving of such. Being a huge baseball fan myself, but also a realist of the game, it's very aggravating when you see a guy in the top 5 of their respective categories and get no recognition, or when a player misses a significant amount of games prior to the All-Star break, get healthy 15 games before, and make the All-Star Team.


The most recent victims of the famous Snubs include Boston Red Sox 3-bagger Rafael Devers, Texas Rangers Starting Pitcher Lance Lynn, and New York Yankees 1st baseman Luke Voit.


Devers' is hitting .324, 16 HR, 62 RBI, 69 R, .377 OBP, .546 Slugging%,

.923 OPS and a 3.5 WAR.


  • Devers' .324 average places him in a tie for second with HOU Michael Brantley, only behind LAA Mike Trout.
  • Devers' 62 RBI places him 6th.
  • Devers' is tied for 3rd in doubles.
  • His 69 runs scored places him 3rd.
  • A .546 Slugging% puts Devers' in 5th.
  • Devers' .923 OPS places in 6th.
  • A 3.5 WAR ranks him 8th.
  • Lastly, Devers' is tied for 2nd in total bases with 189 only behind Mike Trout.

Lance Lynn's stat line is very impressive as many people consider him "washed up." He is the second piece of the Rangers' 1-2 punch following 2019 All-Star Mike Minor. Lynn 2019 stats are"¦ 11-4, 3.91 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 123 K's, 115 IP, and a 3.9 WAR.

  • Among ALL AL PLAYERS, Lance Lynn's 3.9 WAR is tied for 6th best.
  • Lynn's 11 wins ties with CWS Lucas Giolito for the league's most wins!
  • In WAR AMONG ALL AL PITCHERS, the Texas Rangers' duo of Mike Minor and Lance Lynn land them 1st and 2nd. Minor 5.8 WAR. Lynn 3.9 WAR.
  • 2.035 BB/9 puts Lynn in 9th place in the American League, 9th best in living in the strike zone.
  • Lastly, Lynn is 8th AMONG ALL AL PITCHERS with 123 strikeouts.


The Bronx Bombers first baseman Luke Voit has some huge shoes to fill in the

Yankees lineup with the absence of GianCarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge for most of the 1st half of the season. Voit definitely did his fair share of damage hitting .280, 17 HR,

50 RBI, 53 R, .393 OBP, .509 Slugging%, .901 OPS, and a 1.6 WAR.

  • Luke Voit's .393 OBP places him 4th in the AL, behind 3 All-Star starters.
  • Voit's .901 OPS places him 10th among all AL hitters.
  • Voit is tied for 7th in the AL in free passes, with 49 BB.


Long-time Nationals Starter Stephen Strasburg is the last notable 2019 All-Star

snub. Strasburg is often put into the shadows while all the spotlight is on fellow starter Max Scherzer. Strasburg's 2019 stat line: 10-4, 3.64 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 138 K's, 116.1 IP, and a 3.1 WAR.

  • Strasburg's 10 wins puts him atop the National League, tying him with 3 other pitchers.
  • 1.04 WHIP places him 5th in NL pitchers, and 3 WSH starters are in the top 10. Scherzer(3rd) Corbin(10th)
  • 7.118 H/9 is the 3rd lowest hits given up per 9 innings among all NL pitchers.
  • 10.676 K/9 is 4th among all NL pitchers, and joins 2 teammates in Scherzer(1st) and Corbin(9th) in the top 10.
  • Strasburg is tied for 2nd in the NL in generating the swing and misses, with 138 strikeouts.
  • Lastly, Strasburg's 3.1 WAR is 9th best among NL pitchers.

The current All-Star voting process allows the fans to vote the starting position

players for both the AL and NL(DH is included for AL). The remaining 24 spots for the NL and 23 for the AL are chosen by player ballots and the Commissioner's Office. Player ballots are gathered in all 30 clubhouses, player ballots account for 16 players in the NL and 17 players in the AL. The Commissioner's Office selects the final 8 players for the NL and 6 players for the AL.


I personally would like to see a limit put on how many All-Stars can be named via Popularity Vote OR I would like their to be eligibility requirements that must be met to be in the All-Star Game. The main reason I would love to have one of these changes is so players with less of impressive stats or players with few games played aren't selected. I feel like the honor of being an All-Star is diminishing in terms of what the "All-Star" means. An "All-Star" is a term used to describe "outstanding performers."


My suggestion for All-Star voting would allow 3-5 players per team be selected via popularity/fan vote and the rest be selected via committee based purely off of that year's stats. Why do I suggest this? I suggest this because an All-Star appearance is supposed to be a sense of accomplishment or achievement. So, the players that have short "primes" of their career should have a shot to be an All-Star in those years if their stats are deemed good enough. There's a reason an All-Star game happens every year, to acknowledge the exceptional play of THAT year. I think nowadays people take past achievements of players and stats into consideration when voting. I hope that if these changes were ever to be made, the committee would honor the players with excellent stat lines because too many great players go unnoticed.

Anthony Jaure
Twitter: @_anthonyjaure
IG: @j_a_u_r_e


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