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Baseball Movie Quotes

Baseball movies helped us fall in love with the game of baseball during our childhood. Whether it was The Sandlot, Field Of Dreams, or even Angels In The Outfield; we all loved watching America’s pastime on the big screen. Choosing which movie to watch was always difficult but one thing was for sure; each movie left us with some amazing quotes. 

Last week over on our Instagram (@routinebaseball) we created our very own bracket with what we believed were some of the best baseball movie quotes around. Here’s how the results turned out!

Round 1

1st Round

Round 1 pretty much went as we expected but we did have one major upset in our opinion. One of the most famous movie quotes of all time comes from A League Of Their own when Tom Hanks yells “There’s no crying in baseball!!”. We were pretty shocked to see Major League pull the 52% to 48% upset!

Round 2

2nd Round

Round 2 didn’t serve with any upsets as we expected both The Sandlot and Field Of Dreams to advance. Both movies are instant classics and with the Field Of Dreams game happening now in the MLB, we knew that would advance. This set us up for a great final round.

Final Round

Final Round

Everyone’s favorite baseball movie won this final round in a landslide victory. “You’re killing me smalls!” is a classic movie quote that even those who aren’t baseball fans can relate to. 

Not every quote made it into the bracket, and we got some passionate feedback about those we missed in our DM’s. Here are the list of the top ones we missed! Until next time….

  1. “Juuuuust a bit outside” - Major League
  2. “What do I believe in” - Bull Durham
  3. “Don’t think, Meat, just give him the gas.” - Bull Durham
  4. “I love it when you call me big poppa.” - Hardball


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