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America's Pastime

You’ve played in what feels like a million ballgames. Yet, every time you hear the National Anthem, you still get goosebumps. You stare up at the flag and can only think about how grateful you are to be playing such a humbling, honorable game. You toss your hat back on as they finish that last note, and your heart is ready to explode. It’s game time.

Baseball, at its core, has remained the same for 150+ years. Because, if something ain’t broke, you don’t fix it. The same could be said about our Pastime Collection. For years it has been one of our go-to lineups. It’s a fan favorite... and you don’t mess with fan favorites. Instead, we are releasing new styles and colors within the Pastime Collection. It’s the same design and concept, with an updated vibe. 

Think of this as our version of the “runner on second to begin extra innings” rule. It’s a fresh new take on a classic look. Shop this collection now!


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