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06/25/2020 The Wildest, Zaniest, Most Unbelievable Stories from the MLB Given baseball’s longevity within the American culture, it’s no surprise that the game is littered with some of the most outlandish, idiosyncratic, downright bizarre stories you’ll ever hear. Just to wet your appetite a little... Dock Ellis of the Pirates pitched a no-hitter while on LSD, an obsessed fan shot Eddie Wai... Read More »
06/02/2020 Create A Player: 2000s Edition The Idea Create the best possible position player by combining the top skills from players since the 2000s. They do not have to have played their entire career since 2000, but that is the only timeframe we are assessing. We will be looking at the “five tools” of baseball which include: hit (contact), hit (power), fiel... Read More »
05/21/2020 Best Walk Up Songs of All Time Know your favorite walk-up song of all time? Find out now if it made our list.... Read More »
05/12/2020 A World Without... As we all wait for Baseball’s return, we thought it would be cool to share the perspective from one of our top fans. Here’s a piece written by Corey Sanzone (Follow him @san3zone) --- ‘I never thought I would see a world without baseball. Recently one of my Facebook posts from nine years ago popped up on my social ... Read More »
05/05/2020 Topps Project 2020: Baseball Cards Reimagined Baseball and baseball cards have gone hand-in-hand since before the 1900s. The first account of a printed card dates all the way back to the 1860s, which predates the present-day National League. They gained national popularity when, in 1909, The American Tobacco Company (ATC) began inserting cards into packs of cigare... Read More »
04/24/2020 The History of the Baseball Hat It’s second nature to grab a cap as you head to the ballgame, but have you ever wondered how baseball hats came into existence? We dove deep into the archives to find the true history of baseball and hats and how the two became synonymous. The origin of baseball is still debated to this day. However, it is generally a... Read More »
04/14/2020 Top 9 MLB Jerseys of All-Time Anyone that has ever played the game knows the importance of looking good on the diamond. Hours spent achieving the perfect bill on a new hat, the struggle of applying eye black, and the swagger putting on your first pair of baggy pants to look like Manny Ramirez. However, if the jersey isn’t fly... it’s all for not. S... Read More »
04/03/2020 Best Teams of the Decade (2010's) Here's a piece that was sent in by one of our longtime fans, Michael Samperio (@Samperio_34) --- Let’s look back and reflect on this past decade since we have no baseball currently in this new decade. There have been some great teams, and a lot of them did not win the title. Let’s take a look at the best teams of th... Read More »
03/26/2020 Top 9 Player Routines of All-Time Baseball is littered with superstitions and utter ridiculousness. Many believe it’s because the mental side of things plays such a pivotal role in a player’s success. Others think the sport itself attracts a certain personality. All we know is that when done correctly, a player’s routine becomes an art of its own. Let’... Read More »
12/26/2019 Swing In The New Year If you've been rocking with us for the past 9 years do you know how important music is to the Routine fam. Whether it's in the gym, office, in the cage or pre-gaming; music is absolutely essential. That's why we came up with our get hype playlist and others to get you bobbing at any moment. So as we get ready to send t... Read More »
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